Children of the Salt

Children of the Salt

An old man, in the agony of death, asks his children to cremate his body and scatter the ashes in the sea. Willing to fulfill the last wish of the elderly, as a rite of passage the youngsters unknowingly transgress the traditions of their father. From that moment on the boys will have to assume roles that are not theirs, faced with everyday life.

Genres: Drama

Stars: Terry Goitía  María Alejandra Jiménez  José Torres  Aníbal Grunn  Yixi Alejandra Villegas  Jesús Vergara  Aris Belén Mena 

Directing: Luis Alejandro Rodríguez  Andrés Eduardo Rodríguez 

Country: VE

Runtime: 103 min.

Quality: HD

Release Date: 2017-07-13