Hellish Love

Hellish Love

Based on a traditional Japanese ghost story, the movie follows a man who falls deeply in love with a mysterious woman, only to find she belongs to the world of the dead. on


Stars: Setsuko Ogawa  Hidemi Hara  Hajime Tanimoto  Hyôe Enoki  Peter Weck  Friedrich von Thun  Susanne Uhlen  Michèle Marian  Dietrich Siegl  Eva Klemt  Rudy Ruggiero  Bernhard Murg  Monika Tajmar  Uli Brée  Uwe Falkenbach 

Directing: Chûsei Sone  Peter Weck  Denys Blakeway 

Country: JP

Runtime: 67 min.

Quality: LQ, SD, HD

Release Date: 1972-06-28

IMDB: 7/10


Subtitles:Over 20 Languages