Ok-Nyeo's Resentment

Ok-Nyeo's Resentment

Ok-Nyo, daughter of poor but noble family, falls in love with a young noble man Mr. Jeong. Hyang-A, daughter of chief of district, is so jealous that set a fire in Ok-Nyo's house using her father's power. Ok-Nyo and her family helplessly die. Mr. Jeong has to marry to Hyang-A because he is forced to do so by chief of district. Every night Ok-Nyo's resented spirit appears in the disguise of Hyang-A to torment Hyang-A. After the days of terrible horror, Hyang-A regrets what she did and comes back to Mr. Jeong. on

Genres: Horror

Stars: Yoon Mi-ra  Kim Hee-kap 

Directing: Park Yun-gyo 

Country: KR

Runtime: 90 min.

Quality: LQ, SD, HD

Release Date: 1972-06-29


Subtitles:Over 20 Languages